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bokading's Journal

A boy called Oz
15 February
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I've updated my info~!

About me:
*I'm an artist, although I've stopped studying art for the time being. I still draw and do photography regularly, though.
*I'm currently living in Maine with my parents, although this is only a short-term thing. I would like to move back to Boston in the not-too-distant future.
*Je parle Français, mais pas bien. Je veux l'étudier encore.
*I was born and baptized French Roman Catholic (thus some of the Frenchness) but do not practice nor follow Christianity. I suppose my leanings are more agnostic.
*I consider myself to be friendly, sincere, trusting, and open-minded, although there are a few hot-button issues that still get to me.
*I am gay, and almost everyone knows it, except for my Evangellical Christian uncle. I don't think that one's sexuality should be the defining characteristic of one's life.
*I have numerous and ecclectic interests, although a few are very prominent, those being geekery, videogames, fantasy, and art.