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Date:2009-09-04 09:25
Subject:Vivid Dream

Last night's dream:

I'm in a place that feels a lot like my parents' yard, only before they built their house. There's a lot of trees and bushes, and I'm making my way towards the tree fort my dad had built. We called it a tree fort, but it was actually more of a platform on stilts, and it wasn't built into/onto a tree. There is someone with me, but I don't know them. As we climb up to the platform, the other person goes first. At the top, it is in such disuse that spiders have covered the entire thing in webs. The spiders were large and hairy, in brownish hues, and they leaped from their webs upon the other person. I fled from the tower through the woods, which had also become infested in spiders. The spiders leaped from their positions in the trees onto me, and I had a convulsive moment of thrashing my body to remove them.

I may have temporarily awoken, or possibly had a false awakening, as I was in my bed convulsing a bit. Then I found myself back out in a vast field of tall grains. I was following a lone bee through the meadow and observing her. The bee took me to a few places: my old apartment in Calumet, which was empty of all furnishings; a deserted city street I didn't recognize; and then to some African Savannah. A scientist gave me a voice-over with a chart showing me the difference between a lone bee and one who had accepted a queen, and gave details of the behaviors and attitudes of a bee who was locked in on a new colony to join. The picture of the bee who had found a hive to belong to was almost comically upright, with an attenuated posture. If bees had chins, the chin would have been upraised, shoulders back, back straight, and wings spread wide. My bee had taken on that posture, and was in flight. I followed to a very primal, ritualistic dance around a bonfire which was sacrificing cattle to honor the relationship between early man and the bees. I had a flash of insight that this may have been some ancient rite I was seeing. Then I woke up.

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Date:2008-03-28 20:38

Woah, livejournal!

I haven't posted an entry in 35 weeks, apparently. That's quite a while.

I'm doing well. Still don't have a degree. Working for my family business. Visiting a few friends periodically, although I often find that I see people less these days. Single, woo. Not really a big deal there, though. I should probably bookmark LJ and check it more often.

Hi to everyone out there in LJ world!

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Date:2007-07-22 22:01

Spent pretty much the whole day reading through HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. On a whole, I found the read enjoyable. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the epilogue. It was nice and cozy, but at the same time, it seemed a bit weak.

As for personal life, I'm doing well by most standards. Job's steady, I still get to see many of my friends somewhat regularly, although there are some who I haven't seen in years now. I've been dating a nice guy for what will be three months on Wednesday, and I'm really happy with him. I still have yet to see the Transformers movie, and I have a sneaking suspicion I may have missed my window of opportunity.

Sorry if I've been hard to come by. Some times the work-a-day life does that to a person.

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Date:2007-04-10 16:13

Well, I filed a complaint about the BSC with the BBB last week. Today, the BSC agent called and harassed me. So now, I've put a stop payment on my account and filed a complaint with the Attourney General of Massachusetts. It's not even really about the money. It's about the company's lack of ethics and mistreatment of customers. They have yet to submit to me in writing any ammount of reimbursement, as offered by their agent as of my first telephone call on 4/3/07. The company still hasn't sent me a copy of the agreement I signed, and I feel I have been unfairly belittled and harassed by their agent. It doesn't make things any easier that I also have $1,200 in hospital fees that were denied by my insurance carrier, and that my car is still in the shop and will be costing $1,000 for repairs if and when it is finished.


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Date:2007-04-03 14:14
Subject:Financial woe
Mood: bitchy

I realized today why I always seem to have less money than I expect. I was checking my online banking reports and noticed a charge from 4/2/07 that I didn't remember making for the ammount of $52.00 or so. On closer inspection, the charge was listed payable to BSC, which made me think "Dear god, nooooo!"

Back when I was living in Natick for all of two months in my tiny little apartment sublet with a pug and its owner, I signed up for a free trial membership at the Boston Sports Club in Natick. It was close to my place, easy to get to coming back from work, and best of all, free. So I decided it wasn't for me after going a couple times, and then there was the drama of getting kicked out of that apartment with virtually no notice in advance... somewhere in the shuffle it didn't actually cancel said trial membership.

So now, almost two years and more than $1,000.00 wasted on an out-of-state membership I used only once, I feel like a grade-A heel. That was the most expensive free trial I've ever had.

The moral: NEVER go to BSC or their affiliates. They are a horrible company. Mostly because not ONCE did I get a courtesy phone call or letter inquiring about my complete lack of attendence. Argh.

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Date:2007-03-16 13:47
Mood: frustrated


Well, I brought my car in to finally see if I could get the check engine light sorted out. Turns out the repairs were gonna cost around $700... but NOW it could be as high as $1,200 for my goddamn car. I feel like I bought a fucking lemon, and it pisses me off that the OTHER repair shop I took my car to RIGHT BACK WHEN I BOUGHT IT didn't find ANYTHING wrong, even though the check engine light came on AGAIN like within days. And now I feel STUPID because I should have had someplace OTHER than the place the dealership recommended check my car back then. ARGH!!!! Just when I thought I had enough set aside in my savings to start investing in retirement and stuff, I get set back down to zero again!! I hate my circumstances at the moment. I feel totally taken advantage of, and it sucks.

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Date:2007-03-07 13:00
Mood: busy

Well, if I start investing in IRA's now with a roughly 5% annual dividend, I will have $1,000,000 in about 40 years if I put away $165 a week. That would be a substantial chunk of my weekly paycheck, but as I have very few overhead expenses, it would be doable for me. I just hope I live past 65 so I can actually SEE that million dollars. And that inflation doesn't render it completely worthless.

Start young... should have started doing this when I was a baby. If I ever have a kid, I'm gonna get them started on their own IRA-style thing... or maybe some bonds.

All I know is that finance is really annoying. But it's something I should do so I don't have to work at Wal Mart when I'm 70.

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Date:2007-02-28 14:46
Mood: bored

Work is so boring. Granted, there are things I *should* be doing instead of making a post on LJ about how boring it is here, but I have little motivation to do so. One of these days, maybe I'll learn how to be a bit more productive...

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Date:2007-02-21 04:48
Subject:stolen from Bridget
Mood: bored

Your Birthdate: February 15

For you, love is a natural progression from friendship. You are almost always friends first.
In love, you are loyal, steady, and honest. You are not a cheater or even much of a flirt.
You are likely to stay friends with your ex... and open to rekindling something in the future.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 6

You are most compatible with people born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th of the month.

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Date:2007-02-20 08:16
Subject:birthday recap

My birthday party was pretty successful, I think. It got off to a bit of a late start, and I ended up incurring a $6.00 late fee on a couple video rentals, but overall it was fun. Bowling was refreshing - I'm gonna try to post pictures once Amelia sends me the photos she took. Took a bunch of the out-of-staters to Freeport for shopping and stuff, which *I* enjoyed. Ate lunch at a sushi restaurant. Overall, a good time was had.

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Date:2007-02-14 14:56

Happy Singles Awareness Day, everyone.

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Date:2007-02-01 18:29
Mood: irritated

Argh! Allergic to all antibiotics?! Aparently I must be. *dies*

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Date:2007-01-22 22:05
Subject:Cell Phone; the saga continues
Mood: silly

I found my cell phone after like a month of it being missing. Who knows where it will go next, or for how long it will stay gone?! Adventure!

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Date:2007-01-15 19:07
Subject:I do Graphic Design sometimes....
Mood: artistic

Case in point, my mom's 45th B-day invite. I like the "45" design the most.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Date:2007-01-12 11:29
Subject:hydrogen engines, Made in Maine

Met a guy at work just a moment ago who is working on developing a hydrogen-powered engine. Pretty cool. http://warpdriveengines.com/ is the website.

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Date:2007-01-11 09:57
Subject:I want a laptop
Mood: contemplative

I've been looking to get a laptop for portable gaming and internet purposes (and potentially for school once I go back to college). I'm considering an ASUS F3Jm, which I can buy for $1400. Here's a link to a page with some specifications and stuff. If there's anyone who is tech-saavy, let me know if this will be adequate.


I need more tech-saavy friends... Eric, I'm basically asking you here :-P

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Date:2007-01-10 21:55
Subject:Pictures from my vacation

As promised, you'll find some pictures I took from Hawaii behind the cut. Feel free to tell me how amazing my photo skills are!


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Date:2007-01-09 22:02
Subject:The Last Herald Mage
Mood: contemplative

Well, I finished _The Last Herald Mage_ trillogy, by Mercedes Lackey, tonight. I cried a bit. The series ended up being more compelling than I had expected. A lot of the notes it played rang true for me. Especially parts involving the parents and the protagonist. I'd write more, but my attention span is woefully short. Suffice to say, I highly enjoyed the trillogy, although it makes me reflect a bit on my own life and things.

One of these days I'll stop trying to become an ice sculpture and warm back up to the people I love. Hopefully I don't alienate *all* of my friends before that happens.

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Date:2006-12-26 08:36
Subject:vacation continues
Mood: indifferent

My vacation ends in a couple of days. On one hand, I'm sad to have to get back to the "real world," but on the other, I'll be happy to be home in my own space. I miss my friends, and haven't seen many of them for almost a month, if not more. It's gonna be a long flight back, which is a little daunting, but maybe I'll be lucky enough to get seated FAR AWAY from any screaming babies or fidgety toddlers. Getting seated next to a hottie for a 12 hour flight wouldn't be bad, either....

Today, I think we're gonna hike to the active volcano. Tomorrow's the last full day in Hawaii, then Thursday our flight leaves at 5pm. I managed to find some gifts for a few people, but not everyone. Hopefully we can squeeze in a bit of shopping before we leave. The volcano should be interesting, I may take a few pictures.

On an unrelated note, I'm gonna have to make some New Year's Resolutions pretty quick. Hopefully they're resolutions I can keep. I think at least one resolution will have to be for my abysmal dating habbits. No more jerks, users, losers, or anyone else like that, no matter HOW attractive I may find them to be. I'm tired of being hurt. I should also probably avoid having sex with people until I've dated them for a couple months at least (although being the way that I am, this will probably be the first resolution I break). I should also probably get out more and meet new people to facilitate the dating process. And they should be LOCAL boys, damnit. No more of this dating people three hours away thing.

I'll probably post a more thorough list once I get home, but for now those are the biggies in my mind. Kind of inspired by Alaina to do this. Alaina, miss you! Let's have some coffee or alcohol or something when I get back!

I'll post some of my Hawaii pictures once I've had a chance to upload them on my return home.


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Date:2006-12-22 08:46
Subject:mid-vacation update
Mood: calm

So far, my vacation is going pretty well. I spent about $200 or so in Las Vegas, but I had a fun time doing it. It may have actually been closer to $350, but I'm trying to keep myself comfortable with my losses. Aparently I'm not brilliantly lucky when it comes to gambling, not that I'm terribly surprised there.

Overall, my views on Las Vegas are as follows:
*Las Vegas smells like a toilet. It's the first thing I noticed about the city.
*Although prostitution is legal there, I didn't partake of any of it. Lots of guys stand around slapping cards with girls naked on them into your hands. I laughed at them.
*If you drink alcohol, chill out in a hotel casino or something. They bring you unlimited free booze. Of course, if you don't drink, it's not as exciting.
*I give Las Vegas a score of 5 out of 10. Probably would have been more fun with friends than with family.

Hawaii is beautiful. The weather is perpetually 80 degrees with clear skies. The one down-side so far is that the roads are VERY curvy. Car sickness is not as pleasant as the surroundings. Walking across a volcanic crater was kind of like being a hobbit in Mordor; the landscape is very alien. Aparently there are devil goats here. Just about every type of domestic animal is feral out here. Feral pigs are a real nuisance to the environment. There was one little earthquake so far, but I didn't feel it.

I don't really have a full overview of Hawaii yet, but so far, it's pretty cool. I have to take back my offer of bringing back volcano rocks to people, as aparently that's super bad luck. Pele is wont to curse those who steal her rocks, I guess. Seeing how I'm already somewhat unlucky, I'd rather not get more unluck.

Hope everyone's still doing well back east. Thinking of most of you fondly.

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